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Think Strategically About Creative

Getting it right! When marketers and business owners want to create a marketing campaign that will help build a stronger, more competitive position for their brand, they can borrow some lessons from those in the ad agency world. This piece from AdAge is geared to agencies on how to be more strategic when developing creative […]

Merging Ad Giants = One Big Mammoth. But Will It Fly?

The French Publicis Groupe and American born Omnicom Group have announced plans to join forces in what could be the largest advertising holding company in history. This deal topped the charts with a combined capitalization of $35 Billion. Between the two companies they had combined revenues in 2012 of $22.7 Billion. They say they are […]

5 Ways Visual Content Boosts B2B Marketing Campaigns

I was checking out Entrepreneur Magazine when I came across an article by one of my favourite people in marketing, Ann Handley, the content queen over at MarketingProfs. Photography, Ann says, can make or break a marketing campaign. I couldn’t agree more because when it comes to creating effective visual content, she paints a very […]

3 Ways To Tell An Eye-Catching Visual Story

Image driven websites and social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest are driving B2B brands to deliver more visual and engaging content. Gone are the days of IT departments creating the corporate website or relatives of the management team designing the company logo. B2B companies are becoming much more serious about how their brands are […]

5 reasons to ditch the “Above the Fold” concept

Every now and again a gem of wisdom worth sharing comes our way. Paddy Donnelly, an Irish designer based in Belgium, has probably written the most important web design and online marketing article in a very long time. The “Above The Fold” concept is a ball-and-chain publishing idea that may have worked in the Y2K […]

The Social Media Bowl

Mashable has some interesting stats on Twitter activity during Sunday night’s Super Bowl game. You would think that with so many people tuned in to watch a football game, most of the chatter would have been about football, right? Oddly enough, the answer is no. What were people tweeting about during the game? The commercials. […]

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