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When Brand Redux makes sense.

Brand refresh

What the heck is a brand redux? – It means freshen up

In our previous blog post we addressed when and why a B2B company should rebrand.
Here, let’s have a look at when a brand redux, or re-fresh is what you need. Like a haircut, or a shine on your shoes, a brand refresh is like the polish to upgrade the look. The company already knows where you are going and why – so the Vision and Mission are right. Same for your brand strategy– right direction, with the right strategic roadmap but the vehicle is a tad muddy. You may need a re-vamped colour palette, an extension to your design system, your logo tweaked, or collateral for a product extension. When the visual representation of your brand doesn’t jive with your competitive position in the marketplace you have a problem. A brand refresh should have positive business consequences, enhance the equity you already have with your brand and not just be an exercise in ‘art directoritus’.

Here are some key reasons why and when a brand refresh can make sense:
• Your brand has strong loyalty and integrity, but isn’t telling a great story
• Your logo is out of date but still has recognition
• The language in your brand messaging is outdated or lacking
• Your customer base has changed
• A new competitor has entered the fight
• Product and service delivery has changed
• New product lines have broadened your overall offering
• Marketing collateral is falling flat
• Cool factor for attracting top talent is off

How do you Refresh a Brand? It starts with 3 steps

#1 Begin with an audit of the current business strategy to see if the brand position still aligns with the today’s business.

#2 Then, gather external and internal market data that will help determine the right position and communication style for your brand versus the top competitors.

#3 At this point, It’s time to align all creative with the strategy to ensure the look and feel match up with the message the company is trying to communicate.

What are we saying? Get the right Creative Strategy, get Better Business Results.

To learn more about the ideas and proceses discussed, check out one of our rebranding examples in our work gallery

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