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Top 5 reasons why integrated marketing remains relevant for B2B companies

Integrated marketing is key.  Deploying a mashup of the best old school and leading edge digital techniques — that are right for your business — leads to better results for your investment.  Reaching new customers requires synchronized tactics across relevant and targeted platforms.

Here are 5 reasons to have an integrated marketing plan:
  1. Fragmentation of media:
  2. There are so many ways for people to find information from traditional and online publishers (including from non-traditional publishers). Companies wanting to reach new customers need to be very strategic where their paid, owned and earned media efforts are directed.

  3. Relationships:
  4. Business is still about relationships.  It’s vital that businesses show up to take advantage of face to face opportunities through client meetings, sales calls, direct contact at trade shows, conferences or events. In many businesses these tactics still prove to be the most valuable.

  5. Expertise:
  6. Demonstrate that your team has shareable expertise. Prospects are looking for reputable, recognized experts to lead them to solutions for their business challenges. Tactically that means building profiles for your key staff through authored content, speaking opportunities or press coverage.

  7. Educate:
  8. People are researching solutions to business challenges on their own. That means your company needs an online presence with quality content that demonstrates expertise and leadership in your field. Tactics such as webinars, how-to’s, case studies, tip sheets or best practices can help your prospect find an answer and reveal your capabilities.

  9. Engagement: 
  10. Employing unique tactics to engage with B2B prospects is a long-term activity that starts early in the buying cycle and continues after purchase. Strong engagement can lead to greater loyalty and conversions.  Providing useful content through social media or email newsletters are a couple of ways, but could also be customized messages promoting products and features that are useful to specific groups of customers. This type of tactic can help you sell more to smaller clients, or introduce additional products and services to your A and B client groups.

When businesses understand who their customers and prospects are, and then develop and utilize an integrated marketing plan with the right creative approach – engagement and ROI will surely follow.


How is your company dealing with the challenges of finding and engaging new customers in the vast myriad of marketing options? Tell us what’s been working and what has not?

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