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Social Sales Outperforms Traditional Sales by 78% [Infographic]

Last May, Forbes contributor Mark Fidelman (@markfidelman) shared a terrific and timely study that illustrated how social sales outperformed traditional selling by over 78%. For the B2B salesperson, the study’s call to action is profound: Ushering salespeople from the old world into the social world. Here are five nuggets illustrated in our infographic below: 78.6% […]

B2B Customer Engagement Begins With Engaging Content

Business marketing is changing faster than most companies can keep up. Content appears to be the biggest hurdle, but that’s not surprising. Content has traditionally been an afterthought in the B2B space, but it won’t be for much longer. Today’s B2Bs can no longer rely on how fast they respond to customers, they must also […]

B2B Case Study: Maersk Gets Social Media Right

Ever since the social media tsunami hit the corporate boardroom in 2008, B2B social media discussions have been usually met with rolling eyes and smug grins. After all, B2B is all about business, not fans, likes, and followers. Right? At first, one would think the B2B skeptics were right, but Maersk Line, the¬†global Danish shipping […]

5 Steps to Successful B2B Lead Conversion

Traditional business-to-business lead generation strategies like cold calling, unsolicited site visits, and email worked a few years ago but will not deliver great results today. Social media, mobile technology and content marketing has changed the B2B landscape forever. Inbound marketing strategies are now generating more demand for business products and services than traditional marketing ever […]

How Social, Mobile, and Video Content Is Influencing B2B Buyers [Infographic]

Last week we discussed how to create a B2B content-centric ecosystem so that B2Bs can be better prepared for today’s B2B buyer. This is a followup post based on a recent IDG study published by BtoB Magazine. According to IDG, B2B tech buyers are becoming more and more influenced by social, mobile, and video content […]

5 Reasons to Keep Using Email for B2B Marketing [Infographic]

For B2B companies, email is considered the number one B2B Marketing platform. Why? Email was designed for business, unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. That being said, savvy businesses are integrating email into their social marketing strategy, using social tools to boost visibility, SEO ranking, and customer engagement, and using email to nurture […]

How and When to Craft Social Media for B2B

For B2B leaders who see the potential upside of social marketing, many still struggle with how and when to craft social content in order to generate demand and nurture relationships. Mainstream social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) were not specifically built for the business-to-business audience so the task can be overwhelming and appear pointless. Indeed, a […]

53% of B2B companies using social media are not using it to generate demand [Infographic]

Since 2008, social media marketing has transformed everything we used to know about creating awareness and generating leads. Gone are the days of “push” marketing. Today it is all about “pull” or “peer-peer” marketing. We see consumer package brands promoted on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest all the time. Sure, it makes sense to […]