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How to use #hashtags effectively on #Twitter

Hashtags are all over the place on Twitter. When they are used correctly, they can help make your tweets easier to find in searches and help boost your visibility. This article from Search Engine Land mentions a few reasons why hashtags should be part of your social media strategy, of which this is probably the […]

Why your company should develop a social media policy.

Social media is being used by more and more businesses, to mostly positive results. Using tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help your business reach a wider audience than you may have ever thought possible. However, as awesome as these tools may be, you do need to be careful about how you (and […]

The Creative Taste Debate… and how to avoid it

In marketing, opinions can be dangerous for both client and agency, especially those that are centered around personal taste. It’s a double edged sword. Going on gut feel rather than facts and real insight can get you into all sorts of trouble because making assumptions usually leads to tactical solutions that feel right in the […]