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How to Create a Simple B2B Content Strategy

Remember Y2K? Things were much simpler then. In the last 15-20 years we’ve been hit with a few major market shifts due to some amazing innovations in technology and communications. But the mother of all marketing tsunamis hit us in 2008: social media. In four years we have witnessed unprecedented change in a very short […]

Social Media Demographics (INFOGRAPHIC)

We haven’t posted an infographic in awhile, so I thought it was a great time to share one with you. I came across this one on Mashable  and found it very interesting. We often hear about the numbers in terms of overall users on each platform, but it’s not so often that we get a bit […]

The Importance of Having a Mobile Strategy

(Image via Gigaom) According to Mary Meeker, a top analyst at Morgan Stanley, more people will soon be accessing the Internet via mobile devices than from regular computers. If you take a look at the above graph, you can see that this is likely to happen in the very near future. More and more people […]

Social Media Growth in Canada

Oh, how I love a good infographic. This one (from the awesome Techvibes) illustrates just how much social media use is growing and changing in Canada. Three things really stand out for me. The first is the huge jump in the number of LinkedIn users. This might be due to its recent IPO, but I […]