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5 Tips From Seth Godin On Growing Your B2B Market

Seth Godin is the Peter Drucker of our generation. Since the 1940’s, Drucker was well-known for his management and business savvy, especially when it came to innovation and marketing. And although Seth Godin speaks of marketing in general consumer terms, a recent post is chalk-full of fantastic insight that is just as relevant and […]

5 Ways Visual Content Boosts B2B Marketing Campaigns

I was checking out Entrepreneur Magazine when I came across an article by one of my favourite people in marketing, Ann Handley, the content queen over at MarketingProfs. Photography, Ann says, can make or break a marketing campaign. I couldn’t agree more because when it comes to creating effective visual content, she paints a very […]

How To Win At B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is critically important for any company that wants to maintain leadership or position for growth, whether by increasing existing market share or by capturing new markets. B2B companies such as SAP, Cisco and Intel do an outstanding job at offering consistently fresh content that not only builds awareness, but also creates connections that […]

3 Ways to Improve B2B Brand Experience

1. Communicate the experience, not prices or features Too many B2B companies go to market based on product features and price. The problem with that marketing approach is that features and prices change… a lot… so you’re always stuck in the spin cycle of re-purposing mixed messages. Just ask Microsoft or RIM. Marketing a “brand […]

Brand relevance is more important than ever

Mitch Baranowski wrote a fantastic piece on Fast Company’s CoExist site about the importance of ensuring brand relevance. Listen up! Branding is not a tactical free-for-all anymore! Companies are paying much more attention to their brand culture and their brand perception these days because there are many more instantaneous customer touch-points than there have ever […]

As B2B Marketing Budgets Increase, So Should Revenues

Although B2B Marketing has made great strides in the last few years, it’s time for B2B Marketers to get serious about making their marketing programs strategic growth initiatives that focus on capturing market share and driving revenues, rather than wasting valuable dollars on disconnected marketing tactics. Case in point: B2B Marketing budgets will increase by […]