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Social Media Demographics (INFOGRAPHIC)

We haven’t posted an infographic in awhile, so I thought it was a great time to share one with you. I came across this one on Mashable  and found it very interesting. We often hear about the numbers in terms of overall users on each platform, but it’s not so often that we get a bit […]

How understanding the brain will help you understand content marketing.

I recently watched an excellent webinar from BtoB Online called “From Caveman to Customer: What the Evolution of Storytelling Means to Marketers”. (Featuring Lynn Randall and Laura Lear.) This presentation talked about how our brains have adapted to our use of technology and how that has changed the way we respond to storytelling. There were […]

A little engagement goes a long way.

People love to be included. Sometimes marketing gets too wrapped up in talking TO people and doesn’t take the time to listen to the response. What would happen if you gave your audience a way to participate and become part of your marketing, instead of just being the audience? The latest campaign by Sprint is […]

How to use mobile apps to sell without selling.

With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, more companies are seeing the importance of developing branded apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Lots of companies opt to go for a basic app that provides product information and includes a mobile store. While this is useful, it’s not a very creative use of an app. The great thing […]

The Importance of Having a Mobile Strategy

(Image via Gigaom) According to Mary Meeker, a top analyst at Morgan Stanley, more people will soon be accessing the Internet via mobile devices than from regular computers. If you take a look at the above graph, you can see that this is likely to happen in the very near future. More and more people […]

Just say “No” to random acts of marketing

Random marketing wastes time and money Why are so many businesses still using random marketing tactics? I can see why some business owners think marketing is expensive. It’s no surprise when so much time and money is wasted on random tactics. Random marketing is like throwing spaghetti at the wall. You throw as many ideas […]