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How Social, Mobile, and Video Content Is Influencing B2B Buyers [Infographic]

Last week we discussed how to create a B2B content-centric ecosystem so that B2Bs can be better prepared for today’s B2B buyer. This is a followup post based on a recent IDG study published by BtoB Magazine. According to IDG, B2B tech buyers are becoming more and more influenced by social, mobile, and video content […]

5 Reasons to Keep Using Email for B2B Marketing [Infographic]

For B2B companies, email is considered the number one B2B Marketing platform. Why? Email was designed for business, unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. That being said, savvy businesses are integrating email into their social marketing strategy, using social tools to boost visibility, SEO ranking, and customer engagement, and using email to nurture […]

53% of B2B companies using social media are not using it to generate demand [Infographic]

Since 2008, social media marketing has transformed everything we used to know about creating awareness and generating leads. Gone are the days of “push” marketing. Today it is all about “pull” or “peer-peer” marketing. We see consumer package brands promoted on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest all the time. Sure, it makes sense to […]

B2B Catching Up to B2C [Infographic]

According to a recent 2012 State of Digital Marketing report published by WebMarketing 123, B2B Marketers are closing the gap on B2C Marketers when it comes to SEO, PPC and Social Media. The infographic below is a snapshot of the report and illustrates a few key nuggets that every B2B company should consider when planning […]

6 Vital Blog Statistics [Infographic]

If you’re still skeptical about the value of blogging for business, the folks over at GenY Medium have created a provocative infographic that explains why it is a vital ingredient in your social media calendar. The point of the infographic is writing with passion, but there are also some real gems that every B2B marketer […]

Understanding Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week I shared a great video from Eloqua illustrating how Revenue Performance Management (RPM) can get your sales and marketing teams on the same page and working together to increase revenues. One of the tremendous aspects of RPM is the benefit of marketing automation – automating the marketing process can give CEOs real data […]

Getting More Clicks on Twitter [Infographic]

Dan Zarrella, the social media scientist over at HubSpot, offers some fantastic insight into getting the most out of Twitter from this excellent infographic. Because Dan spends a ton of time researching and analyzing how to optimize social media for business, this one really struck a chord with me. Dan’s advice is pretty simple: You […]

Social Media Demographics (INFOGRAPHIC)

We haven’t posted an infographic in awhile, so I thought it was a great time to share one with you. I came across this one on Mashable  and found it very interesting. We often hear about the numbers in terms of overall users on each platform, but it’s not so often that we get a bit […]