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How to find your social media voice

Setting up your business on Twitter or Facebook is easy. However, you can’t just hop on and start posting without thinking about a few things first. Perhaps the most important part of your social media presence is creating the voice for your brand. It’s important that your brand’s voice on social media matches up with […]

The new word of mouth.

Back in the day, many businesses relied on word of mouth for advertising. There’s nothing more effective than someone you know giving a personal recommendation for a product. It has always worked fairly well. Someone really loves your product, so they tell their friends and those friends tell other friends, and it continues on. (Like […]

How personal tweets can help your brand seem more genuine.

I read an article from Ars Technica earlier this week that really got me thinking. It was about a study done at Elizabethtown College about how adding personal tweets to your business Twitter feed can affect your credibility. Most people would think that business accounts should be just that – business accounts. That’s understandable, as […]