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Merging Ad Giants = One Big Mammoth. But Will It Fly?

The French Publicis Groupe and American born Omnicom Group have announced plans to join forces in what could be the largest advertising holding company in history. This deal topped the charts with a combined capitalization of $35 Billion. Between the two companies they had combined revenues in 2012 of $22.7 Billion. They say they are […]

53% of B2B companies using social media are not using it to generate demand [Infographic]

Since 2008, social media marketing has transformed everything we used to know about creating awareness and generating leads. Gone are the days of “push” marketing. Today it is all about “pull” or “peer-peer” marketing. We see consumer package brands promoted on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest all the time. Sure, it makes sense to […]

Keep blogging and tweeting, but pick up the phone too!

My good pal and veteran telemarketing guru, David F. McCullough over at Transamerica Microsearch, replied to one of our retweets recently about a very good tweet by Dave Thomas (@businessdotcom), Am I Doing All I Can with B2B Telemarketing? David was happy to hear someone using “telemarketing” on a Social Media website because he was […]

Social Media Demographics (INFOGRAPHIC)

We haven’t posted an infographic in awhile, so I thought it was a great time to share one with you. I came across this one on Mashable  and found it very interesting. We often hear about the numbers in terms of overall users on each platform, but it’s not so often that we get a bit […]

How to find your social media voice

Setting up your business on Twitter or Facebook is easy. However, you can’t just hop on and start posting without thinking about a few things first. Perhaps the most important part of your social media presence is creating the voice for your brand. It’s important that your brand’s voice on social media matches up with […]

Vital Statistics for B2B Social Media

There’s no doubt about the fact that B2B marketing is changing, especially with the increased use of social media. Would you be surprised to learn that B2B companies are actually leading the charge when it comes to social media? 81% of B2B companies have accounts on social media sites, compared to only 67% of B2C […]