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How to Create a Simple B2B Content Strategy

Remember Y2K? Things were much simpler then. In the last 15-20 years we’ve been hit with a few major market shifts due to some amazing innovations in technology and communications. But the mother of all marketing tsunamis hit us in 2008: social media. In four years we have witnessed unprecedented change in a very short […]

53% of B2B companies using social media are not using it to generate demand [Infographic]

Since 2008, social media marketing has transformed everything we used to know about creating awareness and generating leads. Gone are the days of “push” marketing. Today it is all about “pull” or “peer-peer” marketing. We see consumer package brands promoted on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest all the time. Sure, it makes sense to […]

How To Win At B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is critically important for any company that wants to maintain leadership or position for growth, whether by increasing existing market share or by capturing new markets. B2B companies such as SAP, Cisco and Intel do an outstanding job at offering consistently fresh content that not only builds awareness, but also creates connections that […]

Understanding Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week I shared a great video from Eloqua illustrating how Revenue Performance Management (RPM) can get your sales and marketing teams on the same page and working together to increase revenues. One of the tremendous aspects of RPM is the benefit of marketing automation – automating the marketing process can give CEOs real data […]

How Revenue Performance Management gets Sales and Marketing on the same page

Getting on the same page will increase revenue According to marketing automation solution providers like Eloqua and Marketo, Revenue Performance Management (RPM) gets everyone on the same page so that sales and marketing work towards a common business objective, rather than pointing fingers when things don’t happen. The video above, care of Eloqua, illustrates key […]