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The Content Deluge and What it Means for B2B

According to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, we generate as much information in a couple of days as all of mankind has since the dawn of recorded history up to 2003. Some mathematicians will argue that the true number of days is actually closer to a week, but the point is that our species generates more […]

How Multi-Channel Marketing Enables Dialogue With Sales

Business-to-business sales cycles are long, arduous journeys. Compared to marketing to consumers, the B2B buyer path is a marathon. Long before social media and digital marketing disrupted everything, B2B marketing was all push. The more that companies pushed their sales pitches outward, the bigger and better their sales pipelines became. Then came the Digital Tidal […]

5 Steps to Successful B2B Lead Conversion

Traditional business-to-business lead generation strategies like cold calling, unsolicited site visits, and email worked a few years ago but will not deliver great results today. Social media, mobile technology and content marketing has changed the B2B landscape forever. Inbound marketing strategies are now generating more demand for business products and services than traditional marketing ever […]

How and When to Craft Social Media for B2B

For B2B leaders who see the potential upside of social marketing, many still struggle with how and when to craft social content in order to generate demand and nurture relationships. Mainstream social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) were not specifically built for the business-to-business audience so the task can be overwhelming and appear pointless. Indeed, a […]

How to find your social media voice

Setting up your business on Twitter or Facebook is easy. However, you can’t just hop on and start posting without thinking about a few things first. Perhaps the most important part of your social media presence is creating the voice for your brand. It’s important that your brand’s voice on social media matches up with […]

Your Pinterest posts could be breaking the law

As we’ve previously discussed, Pinterest has really taken off recently. What most people haven’t thought about, though, is how with the surge of active users on the site, we’re also probably seeing a surge in copyright infringement. I came across this article from Business Insider about the issue of copyright infringement on Pinterest and thought it […]