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Top 5 reasons why integrated marketing remains relevant for B2B companies

Integrated marketing is key.  Deploying a mashup of the best old school and leading edge digital techniques — that are right for your business — leads to better results for your investment.  Reaching new customers requires synchronized tactics across relevant and targeted platforms. Here are 5 reasons to have an integrated marketing plan: Fragmentation of […]

B2B Content Marketing: The Elephant In The Room

Most B2Bs know that they must change how they deal with their content in order to not only keep up, but succeed in today’s marketplace. And although some may realize that if they don’t publish, they will perish, too many still don’t know where to begin. That’s because the company’s content ecosystem and the its […]

Who’s Driving Your Online B2B Sales Strategy?

Who drives your company’s online B2B sales strategy? Buyers, that’s who! Who has more choice and is more connected than ever before? Yes, your buyers! B2B companies face many challenges in the transactional shift as the traditional customer contact strategies for their sales, marketing, and communications move away from a ‘human only’ context and into […]

B2B Customer Engagement Begins With Engaging Content

Business marketing is changing faster than most companies can keep up. Content appears to be the biggest hurdle, but that’s not surprising. Content has traditionally been an afterthought in the B2B space, but it won’t be for much longer. Today’s B2Bs can no longer rely on how fast they respond to customers, they must also […]

3 Misleading B2B Marketing Metaphors

There is a fantastic SlideShare by Velocity Partners on the use of metaphors in B2B Marketing (or misuse, rather). As I wrote in my previous post, business marketing is about relationships because the journey (more on that below) that B2B companies take their customers on is all about finding a solution to their problem, not […]

How To Win At B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is critically important for any company that wants to maintain leadership or position for growth, whether by increasing existing market share or by capturing new markets. B2B companies such as SAP, Cisco and Intel do an outstanding job at offering consistently fresh content that not only builds awareness, but also creates connections that […]

How to find your social media voice

Setting up your business on Twitter or Facebook is easy. However, you can’t just hop on and start posting without thinking about a few things first. Perhaps the most important part of your social media presence is creating the voice for your brand. It’s important that your brand’s voice on social media matches up with […]