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When Brand Redux makes sense.

What the heck is a brand redux? – It means freshen up In our previous blog post we addressed when and why a B2B company should rebrand. Here, let’s have a look at when a brand redux, or re-fresh is what you need. Like a haircut, or a shine on your shoes, a brand refresh […]

Brand relevance is more important than ever

Mitch Baranowski wrote a fantastic piece on Fast Company’s CoExist site about the importance of ensuring brand relevance. Listen up! Branding is not a tactical free-for-all anymore! Companies are paying much more attention to their brand culture and their brand perception these days because there are many more instantaneous customer touch-points than there have ever […]

The Social Media Bowl

Mashable has some interesting stats on Twitter activity during Sunday night’s Super Bowl game. You would think that with so many people tuned in to watch a football game, most of the chatter would have been about football, right? Oddly enough, the answer is no. What were people tweeting about during the game? The commercials. […]

What’s at the center of your online strategy? Top 5 reasons why it should not be your website.

If you run a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), you need to keep your brand top-of-mind, specifically during strategic planning phases. I participated in a recent poll a friend conducted for his SMB network. The question, “Is your website at the center of your online strategy?” was the basis of the poll. Curious about his […]

How to use mobile apps to sell without selling.

With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, more companies are seeing the importance of developing branded apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Lots of companies opt to go for a basic app that provides product information and includes a mobile store. While this is useful, it’s not a very creative use of an app. The great thing […]

Audi: a lesson in brand investment

All too often, companies ponder if it’s worth it to invest in marketing activities such as branding. There is a misconception of that task to begin with, but for the sake of making this post short-ish, let’s assume business owners know that branding is more than having a “cool” logo and tagline. The misconception is […]

Just say “No” to random acts of marketing

Random marketing wastes time and money Why are so many businesses still using random marketing tactics? I can see why some business owners think marketing is expensive. It’s no surprise when so much time and money is wasted on random tactics. Random marketing is like throwing spaghetti at the wall. You throw as many ideas […]

Blendtec and YouTube – Why It Works Social media doesn’t have to strictly rely on Facebook and Twitter. There’s another social media tool that has the potential to be hugely successful if you can manage to get the formula right – YouTube. Getting the formula right is the tricky part. If you can get the right blend of ingredients in your […]