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Strategy and Tactics – The same right?

#171303562 / Like tomato, ‘tomahto’, many business people think strategy and tactics are one in the same. Or, they say strategy and mean tactics. Strategy and tactics are distinctly different, both very important, and need to be aligned. Tactics can be easy, fun and creative to conceive. But, creating a tactical plan that will […]

What is Digital Maturity?

Digital Maturity is a new concept for B2B. The concept can be compared to growing a competency or any set of skills and activities that take you from novice to expert in a particular dimension of business. As previously discussed, Digital Maturity is more than just a money-maker when properly implemented. From manufacturing to technology, […]

Digital Maturity: Ignite New Revenues, Better Profits, and much more.

In the digital workplace, realizing Digital Maturity is an achievement. It is a quality others notice as a badge of authority. It not only has financial pay-back, it also honors those individuals and companies who have gained the experience to operate using this “Digital Advantage”. Digital Maturity is an emerging concept that originates from a 2012 […]

B2B Content Marketing: The Elephant In The Room

Most B2Bs know that they must change how they deal with their content in order to not only keep up, but succeed in today’s marketplace. And although some may realize that if they don’t publish, they will perish, too many still don’t know where to begin. That’s because the company’s content ecosystem and the its […]

Who’s Driving Your Online B2B Sales Strategy?

Who drives your company’s online B2B sales strategy? Buyers, that’s who! Who has more choice and is more connected than ever before? Yes, your buyers! B2B companies face many challenges in the transactional shift as the traditional customer contact strategies for their sales, marketing, and communications move away from a ‘human only’ context and into […]

B2B Customer Engagement Begins With Engaging Content

Business marketing is changing faster than most companies can keep up. Content appears to be the biggest hurdle, but that’s not surprising. Content has traditionally been an afterthought in the B2B space, but it won’t be for much longer. Today’s B2Bs can no longer rely on how fast they respond to customers, they must also […]

B2B Case Study: Maersk Gets Social Media Right

Ever since the social media tsunami hit the corporate boardroom in 2008, B2B social media discussions have been usually met with rolling eyes and smug grins. After all, B2B is all about business, not fans, likes, and followers. Right? At first, one would think the B2B skeptics were right, but Maersk Line, the global Danish shipping […]