Success Story



The Challenge

The 2008 economic downturn wreaks havoc on the recruiting and staffing industry.

When MaxHire found itself caught in the middle of an economic downturn, their plan to generate an additional $10,000 per month in recurring revenue was at risk. MaxHire needed a new plan, and they needed it fast.

The Strategy

Maintain position of strength and reinforce commitment to the customer.

We helped MaxHire respond to a crumbling economy by devising a safety net offer with No Upfront Costs, No Start-Up Fees, No Commitments and No Contracts. The risk-free message resonated and the outcome was more than anyone expected.

When the new MaxHire version was released, we refined the brand position to Revolutionary CRM Software for Recruiting and Staffing to communicate the changes to the product. The product brand would now be represented by the new CRM platform, and the services brand would be represented by the Go Hire platform, which we created for a trade show event.

The website had to communicate that MaxHire was now a CRM solution that offered recruiters much more for a lot less. We updated content with improved key messages including the new pricing value proposition. Once the message was updated, we embarked on creating a completely new website, which captured the essence of three new killer features (Social Networking, Research, Resume Searching) using clever Flash animation to tell the story.

The Result

A customer-focused safety net campaign that mitigated attrition and grew revenue.

In less than one year, we helped MaxHire maintain steady growth during an extremely tough economy and in a niche market. From 2008-2009, traffic went up 101%, revenue went up 75%, and the conversion rate went up 18%.

“SterlingKlor did a great job. Their creative ideas and no-nonsense approach helped us grow our revenue during a tough economy and in a niche market.”

Peter Blitz, President