Success Story

Delta-Q Technologies


The Challenge

Replicate Delta-Q’s innovative and approachable culture to online and offline touch points.

Delta-Q Technologies, a leading supplier of power conversion and power management products, recently invested significant resources in the creation of a ground breaking new charger, the IC650. The key challenge was how can they tell their core marketplace about their new innovations and create demand for the product in such a technical field. While Delta-Q has world class engineers, they had been stymied by their ability to create compelling communications and brand messaging because it  was not their forte.

In today’s marketplace, we know that sales and communication relationships start and end with branded touch points like informative websites. And with potential customers seeking products, solutions, and answers, theses touch points had to be as strong as the product itself to ensure customers gain and maintain trust in the organization and the brand.

The Strategy

Leverage the strength of the world class people at Delta-Q Technologies to highlight the brand.

In order to start the ball rolling and communicate what Delta-Q was all about, our branding team quickly leveraged the key data from customer feedback. What we heard about Delta-Q was that the people and the culture was a key reason the company seemed so strong, and dealing with them was always better then the competition. This data point helped the creative team to develop the brand position: The Power of Human Innovation. We leveraged the people, the thinkers, and the leaders to tell the story about this once small organization who now have one the top chargers in the industry.

The Result

A fantastic corporate culture gets a confident, consistent voice.

Based on the new positioning and the knowledge that customers enjoy dealing with Delta-Q, we developed new strategic marketing assets to highlight the positioning and encourage more efficient communication opportunities. A new website was developed to not only showcase the product, but it also places the people front and center by leveraging video to allow site users to meet the team. We also introduced social media to this traditional B2B marketing process and this has opened up a new channel to allow the organization to create engagement worldwide. Lastly, we created a much more engaging trade show experience that enables Delta-Q to better interact with their audience.

The new positioning has allowed Delta-Q to speak to their industry with a bold voice communicating their unique value.