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Facebook vs. Twitter – Which is better for B2B?

Deciding where to go in the social media space can be kind of confusing, especially for B2B clients. Most companies seem to think they need to be on Facebook, but do they really? Every business is different, so the deciding factor will be whether or not your audience is there. The best way to figure this out is to look at who is using each service and also see how they are using it.

Thanks to the awesome infographic above, (courtesy of Digital Surgeons) we can get an idea of who is using Twitter and Facebook. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the number of total users. Facebook has the edge here with 500 million; compared to Twitter’s 106 million. However, you need to look a little deeper than that.

Here’s what is interesting to see: 51% of Facebook users who follow a brand will purchase that brand. On Twitter, that number is 67%. Twitter users seem to be much more loyal to the brand they follow. This probably has something to do with the way they interact with brands on each platform, which is hinted at in the login and update stats for each service.

On Facebook, 41% of users login every day, but only 12% of those people actually update their status. Over on Twitter, only 27% of users login every day, but 52% of those people go on to update their status. This tells us that while more people are logging in to Facebook, they are much less active than Twitter users. It seems that people are signing into Facebook and looking at the newsfeed, but not necessarily interacting with anyone. On Twitter, people are more likely to engage with others once they have signed in. This could explain why brand loyalty is higher on Twitter, since users are more likely to have interacted with the brand.

What this suggests is that in most cases, B2B clients are probably better off with Twitter. You might reach a slightly smaller audience there, but your audience will be much more targeted and willing to interact with you.

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