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Think Strategically About Creative

Getting it right! When marketers and business owners want to create a marketing campaign that will help build a stronger, more competitive position for their brand, they can borrow some lessons from those in the ad agency world. This piece from AdAge is geared to agencies on how to be more strategic when developing creative […]

Rebrand or Redux

Rebrand or brand re-fresh? One is strategic, related to a new vision for your business and includes every aspect of your organization. The other, more tactical, is what people see from your company like a new look, colours, or messaging. In this blog post we will look at when and why a B2B company should […]

Top 5 reasons why integrated marketing remains relevant for B2B companies

Integrated marketing is key.  Deploying a mashup of the best old school and leading edge digital techniques — that are right for your business — leads to better results for your investment.  Reaching new customers requires synchronized tactics across relevant and targeted platforms. Here are 5 reasons to have an integrated marketing plan: Fragmentation of […]

Strategy and Tactics – The same right?

#171303562 / Like tomato, ‘tomahto’, many business people think strategy and tactics are one in the same. Or, they say strategy and mean tactics. Strategy and tactics are distinctly different, both very important, and need to be aligned. Tactics can be easy, fun and creative to conceive. But, creating a tactical plan that will […]


Getting great results for your business is important. Seems obvious doesn’t it? When it comes to marketing your company, great results means that it needs to meet and exceed business goals. That doesn’t happen with just clever creative, eye-catching signage or slick sales collateral. Companies that get great results from their marketing first spend time […]

Adopting Innovative B2B Marketing

Digital technology and business innovations are driving new revenues for progressive companies. For any new technology or business process to become successful, it must first be accepted and then adopted by humans. Successful B2B companies such as Maersk, SAP, and IBM, have adopted innovative B2B marketing strategies that allow them to generate more demand and […]

What is Digital Maturity?

Digital Maturity is a new concept for B2B. The concept can be compared to growing a competency or any set of skills and activities that take you from novice to expert in a particular dimension of business. As previously discussed, Digital Maturity is more than just a money-maker when properly implemented. From manufacturing to technology, […]

B2B Case Study: Maersk Gets Social Media Right

Ever since the social media tsunami hit the corporate boardroom in 2008, B2B social media discussions have been usually met with rolling eyes and smug grins. After all, B2B is all about business, not fans, likes, and followers. Right? At first, one would think the B2B skeptics were right, but Maersk Line, the global Danish shipping […]

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