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How Multi-Channel Marketing Enables Dialogue With Sales

Business-to-business sales cycles are long, arduous journeys. Compared to marketing to consumers, the B2B buyer path is a marathon. Long before social media and digital marketing disrupted everything, B2B marketing was all push. The more that companies pushed their sales pitches outward, the bigger and better their sales pipelines became. Then came the Digital Tidal […]

Social Sales Outperforms Traditional Sales by 78% [Infographic]

Last May, Forbes contributor Mark Fidelman (@markfidelman) shared a terrific and timely study that illustrated how social sales outperformed traditional selling by over 78%. For the B2B salesperson, the study’s call to action is profound: Ushering salespeople from the old world into the social world. Here are five nuggets illustrated in our infographic below: 78.6% […]

Who’s Driving Your Online B2B Sales Strategy?

Who drives your company’s online B2B sales strategy? Buyers, that’s who! Who has more choice and is more connected than ever before? Yes, your buyers! B2B companies face many challenges in the transactional shift as the traditional customer contact strategies for their sales, marketing, and communications move away from a ‘human only’ context and into […]

5 Steps to Successful B2B Lead Conversion

Traditional business-to-business lead generation strategies like cold calling, unsolicited site visits, and email worked a few years ago but will not deliver great results today. Social media, mobile technology and content marketing has changed the B2B landscape forever. Inbound marketing strategies are now generating more demand for business products and services than traditional marketing ever […]

4 Tips to Consumerize Your B2B Marketing

A guest post by Derek Singleton, analyst at Austin-based company Software Advice. To read the original article, visit The B2B Marketing Mentor at: 4 Ways B2B Companies Can Consumerize Their Marketing. You can reach Derek at The lines between the business and consumer worlds are blurring. In the technology world, this manifests itself in […]

5 Tips From Seth Godin On Growing Your B2B Market

Seth Godin is the Peter Drucker of our generation. Since the 1940’s, Drucker was well-known for his management and business savvy, especially when it came to innovation and marketing. And although Seth Godin speaks of marketing in general consumer terms, a recent post is chalk-full of fantastic insight that is just as relevant and […]

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

B2B Marketing is a marathon Although both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing targets people, there is a fundamental difference between B2B and B2C marketing. At the core, businesses that market to other businesses are relationship driven, whereas businesses that market to consumers are product driven. Think of B2C as a sprint and B2B as a marathon. […]

Keep blogging and tweeting, but pick up the phone too!

My good pal and veteran telemarketing guru, David F. McCullough over at Transamerica Microsearch, replied to one of our retweets recently about a very good tweet by Dave Thomas (@businessdotcom), Am I Doing All I Can with B2B Telemarketing? David was happy to hear someone using “telemarketing” on a Social Media website because he was […]

Understanding Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week I shared a great video from Eloqua illustrating how Revenue Performance Management (RPM) can get your sales and marketing teams on the same page and working together to increase revenues. One of the tremendous aspects of RPM is the benefit of marketing automation – automating the marketing process can give CEOs real data […]

How Revenue Performance Management gets Sales and Marketing on the same page

Getting on the same page will increase revenue According to marketing automation solution providers like Eloqua and Marketo, Revenue Performance Management (RPM) gets everyone on the same page so that sales and marketing work towards a common business objective, rather than pointing fingers when things don’t happen. The video above, care of Eloqua, illustrates key […]

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