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B2B Catching Up to B2C [Infographic]

According to a recent 2012 State of Digital Marketing report published by WebMarketing 123, B2B Marketers are closing the gap on B2C Marketers when it comes to SEO, PPC and Social Media.

The infographic below is a snapshot of the report and illustrates a few key nuggets that every B2B company should consider when planning their digital marketing initiatives for 2013, including generating online leads and understanding marketing ROI.

Here are the Top 5 B2B highlights…

  1. Generating leads is the #1 priority for B2B Marketers
  2. SEO is considered twice as effective as PPC or Social Media for generating leads
  3. Measurement is the biggest challenge and causes the most frustration
  4. 75% of B2B companies do their own SEO in-house, but the 25% that use outside agencies are twice as likely to be happier with their SEO performance, and only 1 in 5 are happy with their in-house PPC performance.
  5. B2B Marketers are much more engaged with Social Media than people think

What surprised me most was B2B companies that prefer to keep their digital marketing initiatives in-house tend to have a hell of a time measuring their own results. They might be better off if they got out of their own way and aligned themselves with outside agencies that can help them drive better ROI.

What do you think? Please share your insights in the comments below or on Twitter (@SterlingKlor).

  • Nick Ford on October 18, 2012

    Hello there:) It is nice to have additional knowledge about this b2b leads. Thank you for sharing all of these ideas and strategies.

  • Achim Klor on October 19, 2012

    Thanks Nick

    Kudos should really go to WebMarketing 123 for encapsulating the results from their 2012 State of Digital Marketing report into this fantastic infographic.

    That said, I agree with you that any additional know-how for generating quality leads is paramount for all B2B companies.


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